July 17th – 23rd

Hey Readers!

Summer is quickly passing by and it won’t be too long until we’re back in school!  Some of us have taken really nice vacations, others are still waiting to travel, but no matter how you spent your summer we hope you have enjoyed it!  For some of us, summer has been absolutely boring.  Whether you’ve been working a summer job, helping out more around the house, or just spending less time with your friends, we sympathize with you.  It can even be pretty lonely during this time off for some of us.  That’s why we here at Green Dot are going to give you some great tips to channel that negative energy, into something absolutely positive!

The best way to turn your summer around is with some easy to plan activities for you to spend with your family or best friends.  Why don’t you try a few of them for yourself?  Our first idea is to try a new restaurant in town.  Whether you’re just hungry or are in need of a place to hang, going out to eat can be a great get together for you and your friends.  One of my personal favorites is the Sand Dollar grill in Blountstown, and I especially like the shrimp tacos.  Next you could try a walk around the park.  No matter where you live, your town probably has a park or other recreation area.  Getting out in the sun is super nice, whether you’re just going for a walk, or you’re engaging in something more fun like a sport.  With cellphones and social media it’s never been easier to invite your friends to come hang out in the sunny weather.  Lastly, plan an event!  Planning something big is really rewarding and can feel really great.  Find a reason to cook out, or to throw a party, no matter what occasion you’re celebrating… hanging out with friends makes it great!

If you want to plan activities but can’t think of anyone to invite, here’s some great tips on how to get out of the house (even if it’s alone).  You could try going for a bike ride, going for a quick ride through town is a great way to get your blood moving and a better way to get an endorphin rush.  No matter what your mood, a little exercise is a great and healthy way to improve it.  If biking isn’t your forte, you could try picking up a new hobby!  Whether you decide to play music, draw some colorful art, read a good book, play video games online, or pick up stamp collecting, a hobby is a great way to pass time.  My favorite kinds of hobbies are ones that I can practice and get better at, like guitar.  I love the feeling of mastering a song I couldn’t play before, or hitting the high notes that I couldn’t previously.

Whether you decide to get some friends together and go down to the park, or to spend some time alone with your favorite book,  we hope these tips have excited you to spend a day doing something you love.  Lastly, we want all our readers to exercise good bystander awareness.  No matter what activity you end up pursuing you’re probably going to be around other people.  By being another set of watchful eyes and ears we can keep our community and friends safe.  So, remember your 3 D’s (direct, delegate, and distract), you’ll be ready if the need arises to help someone you know! The day is yours to seize, and sincerely we hope you have a great week!

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