August 1st-13th

Hey Green Dot Readers!

School has descended upon us in full force.  Many of us have been back to school shopping with our families or are relearning how to socialize with our peers after a much needed summer vacation.

Back to school means back to planning fun Green Dot activities!  I hope I saw you at Calhoun County’s Children’s Coalition back to school event.  We passed out paper and folders to students in need of a helping hand the weekend before school started.  The event ran super smooth without many interruptions as we greeted and welcomed all the guests in attendance.  Hundreds of backpacks were filled during the event thanks to the help of our local programs and organizations.  It was truly a blessing to be part of something bigger in our community and to help out those around us.

This school year your Liberty-Calhoun GreenDot program will be decked out as we spice up our programming with a little fun!  If you haven’t already heard by now, GreenDot will be employing a super hero theme to excite our students into being real heroes every day.  Expect to see us on your campus as soon as early September; we’ll be putting up banners and posters and looking for your feedback on what events could use a little ‘green dotting’.  We hope to see you at a football game decked out in your favorite hero garb and thinking about ways you can make a difference in your schools and communities.

We want nothing more than to excite the next generation of hero’s to do their part in making the world a better place.  The world can be a cold and harsh place, and now more than ever we need you to stand up and become the hero that’s already inside you.  You already have more than you know, you can make a difference, one ‘green dot’ at a time.

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